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Don't let fear hold you back.

I'm 21, from southeast missouri, nature is my guide and love is my heart flow. I'm a Fine Arts Major.
The universe is a beautiful, wonderful, and magnificent thing. And so are you.~

Feel free to talk anytime!!

Sooo while we were walking a trail, I may or may not have saw a rope swing on this tree and shimmied up there to test it out…..

This tree was pretty hard to get up.. not to mention if I had fallen I would have fell in about three feet of water with a fallen tree underneath… wouldn’t have turned out well haha..

Had “the bear necessities” stuck in my head the whole time too :P

11:21 PM on Sunday 12th August 2012 with 3 notes

camera: iPhone 3GS     aperture:f/2.8     exposure:1/120th     focal length:3mm

tagged: my photography casey took this me tree climbing tree lover water photo nature

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